What Can You Do To Avoid The Flu?

Flu season is approaching fast. Medical experts are saying that this year’s flu season could be a particularly bad one. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 9 million people in the U.S. get the flu. Thousands of people die from this virus every single year. And, it is not just vulnerable populations like seniors who die from the flu. Read about this high school sophomore who died from the flu last year. Wondering “where can I get a flu shot?” Click here for a medical clinic near me in Brooklyn.

About The 2019 Flu Season

The flu season starts in early October. It peaks in February. The season then winds down in the late spring. Public health experts are saying that now is the time to get a flu shot. The CDC is urging people to get a flu shot as soon as possible before the season gets bad.

 This year’s flu season could be particularly bad in the U.S. There are already signs that the United States is in for a bad flu season. Public health experts base their opinion of the flu season severity on the number of flu cases abroad. Australia’s flu season comes before ours in the U.S., as their seasons are opposite ours. And, the confirmed number of flu cases in Australia was the highest in the country’s history. Australia had four times as many flu cases in 2019 compared to 2018. Additionally, there is a particularly deadly form of the flu called the H3N2 virus that is on the rise, according to news reports.

What Can You Do To Avoid The Flu?

There are several things that you can do to avoid the flu. One of the best ways to keep from getting sick is to repeatedly wash your hands. This can significantly cut down on your risk of flu. Also, if you have family and friends who are sick, avoid spending time with them until they are well. Lastly, if you are sick, stay home from work or school until the doctor says that you can return. Resting at home will help you get better quicker and it can protect the people around you from getting the flu.

Get Your Flu Vaccine

One of the best ways that you can avoid the flu is to get your influenza vaccine.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Flu Shot

At Statcare, we like to post the answer to our patient’s most frequently asked questions. That way, even if you forget to ask during your appointment, you can still find the answer to your FAQs.

Can the Flu Shot Give You The Flu?

This is a frequent question that patients ask us at Statcare urgent care. Fortunately, you can’t get the flu from the flu shot. The viruses in the flu shot are not live. However, it does take a couple of weeks to build up immunity after you get the flu vaccine. Therefore, it is possible to get the flu right after getting a flu shot. People who get sick immediately after a flu shot often incorrectly assume that the flu shot gave them the flu. But, this isn’t true. If this happens, it is simply because you haven’t yet built up immunity. This illustrates why it is so important to get a flu shot early.

If You Have an Egg Allergy, Can You Still Get A Flu Shot?

There is a myth that you can’t get a flu shot if you have an egg allergy. This is not true. However, it is extremely important to let your medical provider know if you are allergic to eggs or any other substances before having any vaccine.

 Most vaccines are made through an egg-based manufacturing process. The flu viruses are grown in eggs. This process allows the viruses to replicate. CDC recommends if you have had a history of egg allergy and only had hives after exposure. You can still receive the vaccine. Just make sure you let the doctor know about your allergy so that they can monitor you. However, a previous severe allergic reaction to the flu vaccine, such as anaphylaxis, is a contraindication to a future flu vaccine. Again, if this is the case, make sure you let the doctor know before your appointment.

 Where Can I Get A Flu Shot?

 Are you ready to schedule your flu vaccine? Wondering “Where can I get a flu shot?” The answer is Statcare. We accept all major health insurances. At Statcare, you can walk in anytime for a flu shot — no appointment necessary. Remember, the earlier you have it, the better. So, click here for a Brooklyn medical clinic near me.

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