COVID-19 Antibody Test Near Me

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Near Me

Knowing who has already contracted COVID-19 and recovered is critical to not only slowing the spread, but preventing another severe outbreak in New York City, which has been the epicenter for the virus in the U.S. thus far. This is why a COVID-19 antibody test is a necessity, not just for New Yorkers, but for the entire country. Learn more about a COVID-19 Antibody Test Near Me

Where Can I Get The COVID-19 Antibody Test in New York?

All patients requesting these tests must register online. You may NOT walk in to our facilities for any COVID-19 related visit or lab result. You will be politely asked to leave. Limiting exposure and getting seen in designated areas and Tents keeps everyone safe. There are NO SHORTCUTS to safety. We, who have successfully done 6000 Tests safely since March know better. All our locations have remained open through this pandemic without losing a single staff member. All urgent care are not the same. You can trust Statcare for keeping you safe.

How To Make Appointments For All Types Of Visits:

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1. Complete the patient forms. Please attach both side of your Picture ID and Insurance Card (if you have one) to this link.

4. If there are any questions that our staff has, we will contact you by text message or phone. You will get instructions along the way. Please don’t open chats asking us to confirm your appointment. If you completed signing all the documents without skipping anything, you should be good. Please do not call us. We are stretched thin. Please use this chat for all your communication and be patient in the chat.

5. We have limited resources and may not be able to meet your expectations of “speed”. Staff and patient safety is our first concern. From Hurricane Sandy, Ebola to SARS, and now COVID-19, our team has stood by our community. We are open, even when others are closed. We want to apologize in advance, if things don’t go completely as planned for you. Thanks for your understanding.

The chat is open 9AM-5PM (Mon-Fri) and 9AM-2PM (Sat-Sun). Keep checking your chat as we might surprise you with a response even at odd hours after our shift-work. Know that every chat query is answered 100%. That is a service you can count on!

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Why The COVID-19 Antibody Test is Important

The test itself involves taking a small sample of your blood and examining it for the presence of specific antibodies — which are proteins in the immune system — the body produces when fighting COVID-19. If your blood does contain these antibodies, it is a clear indication that you’ve had the virus and have since recovered.

Being able to know who has had the virus while being asymptomatic is important for a few reasons. For one, doctors and nurses on the front line of the fight against coronavirus can receive the test and feel more comfortable when treating patients in an ER; knowing they won’t catch or spread the virus. It also allows us to get back to normalcy quicker. For example, if we know a large portion of the population has had COVID-19 and recovered, we can feel confident sending that particular group back to work and into the public.

Insurance Card (if you have one) to this link. Your appointment is only final once these documents are completed and we have verified your insurance.

COVID-19 Antibody Test Near Me – Frequently Asked Questions

All insurances accepted are listed here.

As are all our prices under the urgent care prices.  

If you are paying for the coronavirus tests yourself:

The cost of the COVID-19 PCR Test for “diagnosing infection” is $125 (visit fee)+ $25 (collection fee)+ $95 (PCR Test – the BEST test; all other “rapid tests” need this FINAL test)

The cost of the IgG Antibody Test to “confirm past exposure” is $125 (visit fee)+ $25 (collection fee)+ $50 (Antibody Test)

A test that examines a small sample of your blood to detect proteins in the immune system known as antibodies. The presence of these antibodies in the body is a clear indicator of someone who has had COVID-19 and recovered.

No. The COVID-19 test and the antibody test differ in a few ways. For one, the COVID-19 test typically involves taking a DNA swab (from your nose and mouth) while the antibody test uses a small sample of your blood.

Rather than examining the body for the virus, the antibody test looks for specific antibodies that are only prevalent in those who have had COVID-19 already and have fully recovered.

Statcare Urgent & Walk-In Medical Care now offer antibody test in 7 locations throughout New York.