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Each year more and more Americans travel abroad – for vacation, business, volunteerism, mission trips, or to visit family and friends. Whatever your reason for traveling, you may need to protect your health with travel vaccines or medication for:

If you will be traveling abroad, particularly to developing countries, and you need travel vaccines, come to Statcare Travel Clinic in Hicksville, Long Island; Astoria, Queens; Brooklyn, NYC; the Bronx at Bartow Avenue (Co-op City); and the Bronx at E. 174th Street.

Statcare Travel Clinic Services are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You do not need an appointment. Walk in and be seen now!

Statcare is a designated yellow fever vaccination center. We offer the yellow fever vaccine, as well as typhoid fever vaccine, Japanese encephalitis vaccine and anti-malaria medications for those who are planning international travel. Our travel clinic vaccines and immunizations are easy to get and very affordable.

If you will be traveling abroad, we encourage you to visit the CDC’s Travelers’ Health web site to see what diseases may be common in the country or region you will be visiting and learn what you need to do to protect your health before, during, and after travel.

If you have any questions about our travel vaccines, call (855) 9 FOR DOC and we’ll be happy to help. You can also check in online to speed up the registration process.

Travel Clinic NYC & Travel Vaccines FAQs

I am planning on international travel abroad and need to get my travel shots done. What is the ideal time for me to come in before I plan to travel abroad?

The purpose of travel is to meet people, have fun, or get work done; not to fall sick in some foreign country. Travel vaccinations or travel immunizations help you stay healthy. But it takes 2 weeks for most travel vaccines to become fully effective. Some travel vaccines need repeat doses.

A visit to our NYC travel clinic 2 weeks prior to international travel is good for the majority of travelers going to Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, South America, Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana, Asia, India, China, Thailand, or Malaysia. If you are planning to be in the wild and go camping in remote wilderness, you need to come in at least 4 weeks prior to your travel abroad.

What do I need to bring to your travel clinic for my visit?

Bring your passport if you are coming for a yellow fever certificate or a yellow fever card. A yellow fever vaccine certificate is required in most countries in South America. It is also called the International Certificate of Vaccination.

If you have any vaccination or travel inoculation records, bring them with you, especially if you have taken travel vaccines on your previous travel abroad.

Health insurance does not cover travel vaccines or travel immunization-related consultations. Most travel clinics will charge you for a travel clinic visit or travel vaccine consultation. We accept all credit cards and cash for our travel medicine services. We do not accept personal checks.

Our travel clinic visit cannot be combined with any other medical visit. We keep all the travel vaccines you will need for routine travel internationally.

What travel inoculations do I need before I travel? Do travel doctors have special databases that they look at for guidance?

Travel vaccination depends on the destination you are traveling to and whether you are going to be camping in the wilderness for an extended period of time or not. We encourage you to visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Travelers’ Health web site and click on destinations where all countries are listed alphabetically. This is the most up-to-date information on health risks in these countries.

All travel doctors worldwide check this site. The CDC’s Travelers’ Health web site is the best and most reliable website for international travel-related guidance.

I am traveling abroad and read somewhere that I need blood tests before I get any travel vaccines. Is this true?

You do not need any blood tests before getting travel vaccines. If you are not sure about a routinely given vaccine (like a measles vaccine) or want to be absolutely certain of your immunity to a particular disease before going into an endemic area or an area with an ongoing outbreak, then there may be a role for that specific disease-related blood test.

For routine travel, this situation does not apply. In our experience, it is unusual that you would need any blood tests before traveling abroad, especially since it is an added expense as well.

Do you take care of large groups and give them travel inoculations?

Yes. We provide travel vaccines and travel clinic services to group travelers who participate in adventure travel, corporate travel, or business travel, as well as charitable and mission organization-related travelers.

We can make sure we have the vaccines for large groups set aside so that no one needs to return a second time. Call us ahead of time if you have a large group coming in so we can better assist you. If it is a church or a large group, we can even come to you and provide the travel inoculations on site.

Is there a difference in "required" travel vaccine and "recommended" travel vaccine?

Can my I get paid back for my travel clinic service by submitting the bill to my health insurance?

You can try it but travel clinic services and travel vaccinations are not part of your health insurance benefit.

Be careful with online travel clinics because the travel consultation fee is usually a charge above and beyond the travel vaccine charge. Read their fine print or call and ask first since they require you to pay the consultation fee before giving you the travel vaccine.

Do I need to have a travel consultation?

The majority of travelers do not need a travel clinic visit or consultation nowadays. All of the information is out there on the web and can be understood by most consumers.

Do you provide a travel consultation?

Yes, if you need to talk to our provider, you can get a travel consultation.

What can I do if I get sick during my travels?

If you had a travel clinic consultation visit with us, you can call us or email us.

Finding local resources used to be an issue before the advent of the internet. Nowadays, you can always find a local doctor by searching on the web. Don’t fall for a "travel doctor" in another country. They will charge you a lot more for their consultation. There is so much travel information on the web today, that we feel that travel clinic visits in foreign countries are no longer needed as long as you have access to the internet locally.

How long will it take for me to get my travel vaccines?

We are a walk-in clinic. We see everyone as they come. Expect it to take 15 minutes for registration after which you will be seen right away unless there are people ahead of you. If travel shots are all you need, expect to get done in less than 40 minutes.

Where can I get free travel vaccines? Will my doctor give me travel vaccinations? Can I go to a free medical clinic for my travel vaccine?

Travel vaccines are not routine vaccines and are not available at other practices.

Talking about free clinics, we have heard some crazy stories over the years. If you go to a free clinic for a medical problem, just make sure that the person giving you any injection or vaccine is actually a licensed provider (a nurse, physician assistant/PA, or a doctor).

Some free clinics (even official ones) don’t have licensed providers and claim to "operate under the license" of the administrative head. That is a red flag. NYS public health law is very clear on who can inject or give vaccines. You won’t know until you ask. You really do not want just anyone to inject you with a vaccine.

Do I need to take both travel immunizations of a series of shots before I can travel?

No. You can travel after one travel immunization dose. You can take the second dose of the travel immunization upon your return.

Which insurance plans do you take?

We accept all major insurance plans. We just don’t take insurance for any travel-related vaccine or travel consultation visit if you wanted one.

Should I bring my medical record when I come for my travel immunization consultation?

You can bring your medical records with you. However, this may not be necessary unless you have a chronic illness. It is always a good idea to bring your list of medications, at the least. If you do not have a medical record on you, don’t worry. We can still manage with your medication list or call your pharmacy regarding your medicines if we need to clarify something.


Yellow Fever Card: International Certificate of Vaccination

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