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    8 Reasons To Go To Urgent Care 1000 697 Sandeep Jain, MD

    8 Reasons To Go To Urgent Care

    Statcare Urgent Care prides itself on offering a variety of medical services that New Yorkers need including remote televisits from the comfort of your home. Statcare Urgent Care offers far more services than primary care physicians or even other urgent care facilities. Patients who visit an urgent care often have a variety of symptoms and need a multitude of health treatments. We wanted to ensure that our urgent care locations could help as many of those people as possible. From testing to treatment, we have doctors available 7 days a week, including holidays, to help you with almost any medical concern you may face.

    We encourage you to come to urgent care any time you have a medical concern you think needs treatment. Sometimes you simply need peace of mind to get through the night when your primary care doctor is unavailable during evening hours. Other times it is urgent to get treatment as soon as possible. No matter what reason you come to Statcare Urgent Care, we’ll provide the best possible treatment. If you’re still unsure whether you need to visit one of our locations, read through some of the most common reasons people come to our urgent care locations.

    Treat Illness at Urgent Care

    The most common reason patients end up in urgent care is an illness they need treatment for right away. Because of our efficiency and expertise, we can take care of you quickly and comprehensively. Our extended hours of service and quick triaging ensures that you can get relief any time of the day – even when you get sick in the middle of the night, or can’t afford to miss hours at work during the workday. At Statcare Urgent Care, people can work their full day, come to urgent care, get medicine and get back to work the next day on the right treatment plan.  For those who cannot make it to our office, we can do a televisit on the phone so you get the same high-quality care from the comfort of your home. Your insurance covers your televisit with us. All you need is a smartphone, iPad or a laptop/desktop with a camera and a wifi connection.

    Our trained medical staff will take time to listen to your symptoms, diagnose you and prescribe you medicine as needed. Come to Statcare Urgent Care for quick, attentive, complete care for your illness or do a televisit with us anytime!

    Use Urgent Care for Minor Injuries

    People who experience sudden injuries are most likely to come to urgent care than the emergency room. Especially if the injury isn’t life-threatening, urgent care offers a more cost-effective treatment than most emergency hospitals. Urgent care is also ideal for those injuries that happen outside of business hours when you can’t make an appointment with your primary care doctor — which happen to be most injuries.

    Whether you’ve got a burn, a broken bone, a minor cut or a sprain, our urgent care professionals can help treat the injury and get you on the road to healing again.

    X-Rays at Urgent Care

    Often people wonder if urgent care has all the necessary equipment to properly treat various injuries and illnesses. The answer is yes. While emergency rooms and hospitals will have more specialized equipment, we have everything you need for most minor injuries and illnesses.

    Come to urgent care if you’re looking to get an x-ray and get the results fast. Our staff works to be efficient with your time so we won’t make you wait any longer than you have to. Don’t worry about spending your entire day waiting on results and treatment. Come to one of our locations to get treated quickly by an expert staff.

    Urgent Care Physicals

    Whether it’s for school, sports or a job, physicals are an important part of maintaining your health. Unfortunately, the time frame that most primary care physicians offer physicals often interferes with working hours. Get a proper physical without having to miss a day of work. Come into Statcare Urgent Care during our extended evening hours to get a physical exam by one of our doctors. Leave Statcare with your physical results or have us send them directly where you need them to go.

    Concussion Testing at Urgent Care

    When your child has a concussion playing soccer, football or Lacrosse, you don’t have to worry about what you need to do next.  Statcare Urgent Care offers specialized concussion testing for all kinds of concussions. Did you know that childhood sports-related concussions are amongst the most undiagnosed medical conditions?  Pediatricians, as well as Emergency Rooms, miss mild brain trauma because they fail to do Concussion EEG Testing as is now recommended. The CDC has a special initiative called Heads Up to raise awareness about sports brain injury.  Next time you know someone who has a concussion from a car accident or a fall in a nursing home, let them know about Statcare’s Concussion program. At Statcare, we do baseline Brain Physicals for sports teams as well.

    Pediatric Urgent Care

    When your child is sick, the only thing you can think about is getting them well. Sometimes, that means getting them to a doctor immediately rather than waiting until their pediatrician opens their office in the morning. Urgent care offers immediate care for your child. Our doctors are trained to understand a child’s needs. We offer our patients a friendly staff who can ease the worries of your sick or injured child. We can also refer your child to the specialist you need if necessary.


    STD Testing at Urgent Care

    Getting tested for an STD can sometimes feel like an embarrassing process. If you’d rather not risk being seen walking into a clinic by your friends, family or neighbors, urgent care is a perfect alternative. No one will assume you’re coming in to be checked for STDs, but we can do a full screen for all sexually transmitted infections. We’ll report your results confidentially, and you can be safe without worrying about who you might bump into at your local doctor’s office.

    Pregnancy Tests

    Similarly, pregnancy tests can be a very private matter. If you’re unsure whether or not you are pregnant, we can administer a test at urgent care. When you come to one of our locations, you can be sure that the results are completely accurate, unlike an at-home pregnancy test. You can also be sure that no one who sees you will know why you’re at urgent care. If you want to keep your potential pregnancy a secret for now, this is the place for you.

    Lab Testing at Urgent Care

    Whether you need to get your blood checked or pass a drug test, urgent care is a quick, convenient place to get lab work done. You can come in at a time that works for you, get the right labs done and get back to your day. We not only deliver reliable results, but our doctors can help answer any questions you may have as a result of your test. While other testing sites might be less expensive, you can trust that our results are accurate, which is the most important factor when you’re testing for drugs or a disease.

    Vaccines Available at Urgent Care

    Get your vaccines done by a trained doctor at a time that is convenient for you. Statcare Urgent Care offers routine vaccines and all travel vaccines at all of our locations. Get a vaccine for tetanus, chickenpox, MMR, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, pneumonia and the flu. Whether you need Typhoid vaccine or Yellow Fever vaccine for travel, Statcare locations have them all in stock.  Skip the long lines at pharmacy locations and come to urgent care during our extended hours. We’ll be ready for you.

    Occupational Testing

    Finally, many patients choose Statcare Urgent Care as their preferred place to take the tests necessary to do their jobs. Required exams like the DOT physical, FAA Physical, DMV Eye & Vision Exams, Drug Screenings and hearing tests are all available at our urgent care locations. We’ll administer the test, give you the results and notify the correct agencies if you’ve passed your test. Get all the certifications your job requires in a single place at a time that works for you. That’s the beauty of urgent care!

    Reasons Not to Go to Urgent Care

    If your medical concern is life-threatening, don’t come to urgent care. Go directly to the emergency room or a hospital to get the immediate, specialized care that you need. Urgent care should only be used for minor illnesses and injuries. Anything more serious than a broken bone or a fever should be treated by doctors in the emergency room.

    Of course, there are additional reasons you might need to visit one of our urgent care locations. You might want to try our telemedicine, an online doctor that can do everything your urgent care doctor can do. This service allows you to take the appointment in the comfort of your own home! If you’re curious about the other medical services we offer, check out our comprehensive list of services. Or just stop by. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.


    How Long do Typical Appointments Last at Urgent Care? 364 243 Sandeep Jain, MD

    How Long do Typical Appointments Last at Urgent Care?

    The first thing to understand is whether the facility you are visiting or planning to go to is really an urgent care or just a namesake business merely calling itself an urgent care. Unfortunately, there are medical offices that call themselves an urgent care when in reality they are merely regular medical offices that are misrepresenting themselves as urgent care. These offices have confused customers who now believe that many or all urgent care centers are inefficient. As a consumer, it is important to visit only Urgent Care Association (UCA) Accredited Urgent Care Centers, the important word here being ‘Accredited’. UCA Certified Urgent Care is merely a certification obtained by mail based on membership and a paper application whereas an Accreditation process involves a higher level of recognition for maintaining suitable standards as verified through site visits by UCA Examiners.  All Statcare Urgent Care locations are recognized and fully Accredited by the UCA.

    As with many other medical offices, patients sometimes notice that they spend more time in the waiting room than in a room with a doctor. In fact, studies show in primary care practices across the United States, most patients only meet with their doctor for an average of 17 minutes despite being scheduled for a standard hour-long appointment. It’s no wonder people are often frustrated.

    At Statcare Urgent Care, we strive to make your visit as efficient as possible. We know that your time is precious and the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling sick or injured is spend time in the waiting room at a doctor’s office. Find out more information about our average appointment lengths as well as how to cut down on your wait time, below.

    Average Length of an Urgent Care Visit

    There are many factors that affect how long you’ll stay at an urgent care during an appointment. At Statcare, you can check in online with a few clicks by putting in your name and phone number and email ID. If you are logged into Statcare Urgent Care patient portal you can request an appointment via email as well. If you are on the phone with our dedicated patient care coordinator, our staff can create the appointment for you on the phone. So, there is more than one way you can make your appointment ahead of time. This will definitely save you time when you come to the office as all you need to do in the office is to go to one of the kiosks and check-in. Our staff then knows about your arrival and you will have maintained your position in the line.

    At Statcare, sometimes a patient may come in needing immediate attention; such as someone with a bleeding cut or chest pain or nausea and vomiting. Our staff will attend to them on a priority basis. And there are times when our provider will go into a room and realize the patient needs far more services and hence more time than initially anticipated. This is just how the flow in a typical urgent care works as the staff is constantly dealing with the unknown. Therefore, it’s challenging to make a definitive statement on the average appointment length. On a good day with a few people in line before you, you could get in and out in well under an hour. But when an urgent care is full and you have a particularly complicated medical concern, it’s not uncommon for your urgent care visit to take longer than what you anticipated. The staff at Statcare knows how to keep the flow of patients moving.  So, if you are there just for a PPD Test Reading or a vaccine, you will be able to get in and out in less than 20-30 minutes.

    At Statcare, we try hard to keep your urgent care appointments to much less than an hour. We understand that most of our patients are busy at work during the week, or simply can’t waste an entire day sitting in a waiting room. Part of our success for reducing time spent at our urgent care centers is offering several convenient locations for our patients to visit. We built our urgent care centers in close proximity to public transportation because we want you to be able to come in, get treated and go on your way again seamlessly.

    While we want to be efficient, we don’t want to rush you through your appointment either. Our doctors are trained to answer all your questions thoroughly and pay attention to the symptoms you describe. We are constantly juggling quality patient care with the best use of your time. We think we do a good job of getting it right.

    Urgent Care Innovations to Cut Down on Wait Time

    Statcare is always innovating our service offerings and procedures to make sure that you’re getting the quality care you need. We’re also dedicated to focusing on the future of medicine — specifically, we’ve created an efficient Telemedicine department.

    Telemedicine appointments, or meeting with an online doctor, are very similar to a traditional urgent care appointment, except much more convenient. You can schedule an appointment with your online doctor from anywhere as long as you have a reliable connection to wifi. During your virtual appointment, you can be diagnosed, ask questions and seek treatment from the comfort of your own house. Avoid worrying about extra commuting time or even wait times. Just select the time that works for you and join your appointment when it’s time.

    Before we implemented our Telemedicine practice, we made sure that it was as full service and convenient as possible for our customers. There was clearly a need for a more convenient urgent care option, and other parts of the country had seen success with online doctors, but we wanted ours to be the best choice available before launching it. We ensured that our online doctors could write prescriptions when necessary and that health insurance providers would help cover the costs. It wasn’t truly innovative, in our opinion, unless our patients could get all the benefits of a traditional in-person appointment.

    So far, our online doctor services have been a great success for our patients. Not only do customers who use the service love it, but those who still come in for a traditional urgent care visit are excited about the decrease in wait time. The overwhelming and positive feedback only encourages us to continue to focus on additional innovative services.

    Here is a little secret. If you are in any Statcare locations and see that it is taking longer than you had planned, you can always ask for a Telemedicine visit from within our Urgent Care and our medical staff from another urgent care location will jump on the Telemedicine call and start taking care of you. They will order tests you might need and even send out refills for your prescriptions and sick note for work to your inbox.


    Testing and Vaccinations at Urgent Care

    Some patients only come to urgent care when they need a quick test done. Although it may vary by day, these appointments are generally much shorter than other types of urgent care visits. Because our staff is always prepared for routine tests, we can handle a high volume of patients without any wasted time. Be sure to highlight this when you are first greeted by our staff that is checking you in. Let them know you are here just for a flu vaccine or a PPD Reading or a specific blood test. They will make sure you get taken care of quickly.

    STD Testing at Urgent Care

    STD testing can be an uncomfortable scenario that patients don’t want to experience with their regular, everyday doctor. They’d prefer a discrete location with a doctor they may never see again. We totally understand, and we encourage people to make urgent care appointments with us for these kinds of screenings.

    When you arrive for STD testing at Statcare Urgent Care, our staff can typically process your tests quickly and efficiently. We all make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have, particularly around STI treatment and next steps. We also know that this is likely an appointment you want to speed through, so we don’t take any more of your time than we have to.

    Fortunately, if you’re in a time crunch, you don’t have to wait around to hear the results of STD testing. Our offices will contact you about your results and help you navigate the next steps, no matter what your test shows. Quality care and convenience are what Statcare is all about!

    DOT Physical at Statcare

    Another routine service offering that we offer at Statcare are DOT physicals. These are physical examinations that commercial truck drivers must pass in order to be eligible to do their job. It includes physical fitness, hearing, vision and urine tests. The Statcare staff has worked to make the entire process so efficient that appointments typically only take approximately 30 minutes in our urgent care centers. As long as you come with all the correct information we require, you should be able to have a seamless appointment.

    Vaccines at Urgent Care

    Lastly, many people visit Statcare Urgent Care because we offer flu shots at a convenient location. You don’t need an appointment to get a flu shot or any vaccine. Statcare keeps MMR, Tdap, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis, Varicella and many other vaccines. Just come down to any one of our locations and ask for one. Patients who only want a shot can check in online, come into the office and check in on the kiosk to skip the wait in waiting room. Because you have an appointment, you will be taken directly to the doctor administering the shots. Come get a flu shot on your lunch break or right after work. We’ll be ready for you!

    Ways to Prevent Long Urgent Care Appointments

    Certain elements of urgent care are simply unpredictable. You never know how many people will start to feel ill or injured at the same time. However, there are steps to take in order to make the best use of your time at an urgent care location.

    The first tip is to make an appointment. With a designated appointment, you are guaranteed to meet with the doctor. You won’t have to worry about sneaking in before the doors close and hoping you’ll be seen by one of our staff members. Urgent care appointments are designed so you can walk in right before your appointment and typically head home in well under an hour.

    You can also schedule an online doctor’s appointment before you come in to see a doctor in person. Patients commonly schedule an online doctor’s appointment, get their diagnosis and their treatment done first, then visit one of our urgent care locations only if they have additional tests that they needed or a follow-up visit for a problem that needed someone to check them out in person.

    While we’re on the subject of questions, write yours down before you show up for your urgent care appointment. In the hustle and bustle of their appointment, many people tend to forget the specific questions they were hoping to ask their doctor. Avoid the dreadful feeling of going home with a list of unanswered questions by writing down exactly what you want to know. Your Statcare doctor will be more than happy to go through each point with you, one by one.

    What If My Urgent Care Appointment Isn’t Long Enough?

    To patients who leave their urgent care visit wanting a little more information or needing a little more guidance as they navigate their treatment plan, we suggest making a follow-up online doctor appointment. With this second appointment, you don’t have to travel directly to an urgent care location, you can get all the questions about your blood test results addressed as well as get answers to other issues that you may have recently identified. Many patients have found success and relief when they use a hybrid of online doctor appointments and traditional urgent care visits.

    Our promise at Statcare is to always focus on reducing your time at urgent care. Our goal is to make you healthy as quickly as possible — usually, that means getting you a treatment plan and getting you home to rest. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve our system, we’d always love to hear from you! Contact us by phone or click here to learn more about our urgent care services.

    Urgent Care and Insurance: What You Need To Know 1000 668 Sandeep Jain, MD

    Urgent Care and Insurance: What You Need To Know

    When you show up to urgent care, it usually isn’t a good day. If you walk through the Statcare Urgent Care doors, we know that you’re either feeling sick, pain or a combination of the two. It’s a stressful situation, especially if you’re unsure of what’s wrong with you. At a time of high stress and poor health, the last thing you want to deal with is paperwork and insurance.

    Because it’s impossible to know when you’ll need urgent care, it’s important to gather all the information you can before you need it. We compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about urgent care and insurance. Please note, individual cases may vary. However, here is generally what you need to know about urgent care and your health insurance.

    Do All Urgent Care Centers Take Insurance?

    The short answer is no, not all urgent care centers will take all types of insurance. Many urgent care are not in network with insurance plans. This means that your medical bills might end up being a lot higher than you imagined. Statcare Urgent Care, on the other hand, is listed by all major insurance companies as a participating urgent care center. You can take a look at our insurance page for a complete list of plans we accept. Statcare has been in business 10 years and is an in-network urgent care with all plans.

    It’s important to understand your coverage before you need urgent care services. Especially if you don’t know what your medical concern might be, a regular trip to urgent care could turn into a much more expensive visit. With complete knowledge of your insurance plan, you’ll be able to make cost-effective choices about your health care.

    How Much Does Urgent Care Cost?

    We know that insurance coverage is a major factor when deciding whether to seek medical treatment. We want people to get the best care possible, even if they aren’t insured. It’s why we provide transparent pricing. If you don’t have insurance but need to visit one of our urgent care centers, you’ll be charged $100. Statcare has transparent pricing that you can pay upfront or before you leave the facility so you never have to deal with any bills afterward.

    What Services Does Urgent Care Provide?

    Urgent care varies from center to center. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of services for cost-effective prices, every day of the year. Medical emergencies happen all the time and we want to be there for our communities so they can get the treatment they need.

    Our services range from the routine to the specific. Below you will find a list of all the services we offer. If there is a specific service you’re looking for, we suggest checking your insurance plan to make sure they cover it. Knowing what your insurance covers before you arrive prevents any surprise charges or unnecessary paperwork.

    When Should I Go to Urgent Care?


    When you’re hurt or feel sick, getting healthy feels like an emergency. But when you’re dealing with insurance, the difference between receiving treatment at an urgent care or the emergency room is significant. Generally speaking, visiting an urgent care center will cost much less than if you go to an emergency room. Most plans nowadays have a very high copay and deductible for an emergency room visit especially if you don’t end up requiring to be admitted to the hospital after being seen in the hospital ER. If your insurance plan isn’t comprehensive, or you’re unsure of what it covers, the best bet is to visit an urgent care center first. It is not only a faster way to get medical care, it is also the most cost-effective method to receive high-quality care without the wait of an emergency room. If your health concern requires more attention, the urgent care will recommend an emergency room.

    To decide whether you should go to an emergency room or urgent care, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable addressing the concern with your primary care doctor. If you think your regular doctor would be able to fix your issue, but it is outside their normal business hours, urgent care is probably the best choice for you. Also, if you need an X-Ray or tests, procedures or have an eye or ENT problem or an injury either from sports, at work or from a car accident, chances are that these are beyond the scope of your regular medical doctor. An urgent care visit would make the most sense. Emergency rooms should be reserved for life-threatening situations and those that require treatment from specialty doctors. With Statcare Urgent Care you get the added convenience of a staff with emergency room experience, without the higher cost. You’re getting the best care at a more affordable cost.

    Can I Bring My Child to Urgent Care?

    Yes, you can bring your child to an urgent care center. Statcare Urgent Care offers pediatric urgent care services with a staff that specializes in treating young children. If your child is sick or injured, we suggest taking advantage of our pediatric urgent care. We also offer services not usually provided by a regular pediatrician — things like vaccines and a nebulizer for asthma. Plus, we’re open every day of the year, for extended hours. You won’t have to sacrifice a whole workday to get your child treated. You can simply use one of our urgent care locations.

    Confirm with your insurance provider that your child is covered for urgent care if you want to avoid the out of pocket cost. But if you need to come in right away, we accept cash or credit card. Our mission is to make treatment during your worst days as convenient as possible.

    Does My Insurance Cover Any Urgent Care Alternatives?

    If you use Statcare Urgent Care, you have the option of skipping a trip to urgent care altogether and using our Telemedicine service instead. It is covered by most insurance providers, and if you aren’t covered, it will only cost you $60 for a single appointment.

    Telemedicine works for patients who feel too sick to make a trip to urgent care but still need to be seen by a doctor and possibly receive a prescription. Each appointment can be made when it is convenient for you, and you will receive the doctor’s full, undivided attention for the entirety of your appointment. The best part is, you won’t have to spend any time in the waiting room being exposed to other illnesses. You can take the appointment in bed, at work or during your commute. As long as you have your smartphone or laptop and a steady wifi connection, you can see a Statcare Urgent Care doctor wherever you want.

    Of course, for some of our services, Telemedicine doesn’t work. For example, physical exams, X-rays and vaccines cannot be done electronically. But if you have questions or need a quick prescription for an illness that isn’t life-threatening, Telemedicine might be the best option for you.

    Insurance can be tricky, and most patients don’t know who to ask when they have a question about coverage. We want to make access to information about health insurance coverage more convenient and comprehensive. That’s why we tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions, we suggest contacting your insurance provider and having one of their knowledgeable staff give you clarification. It’s the best way to avoid extra charges you didn’t plan for.

    If you have more general questions about urgent care and insurance, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    What’s the Difference Between Pediatric Urgent Care and Regular Urgent Care 1000 667 Sandeep Jain, MD

    What’s the Difference Between Pediatric Urgent Care and Regular Urgent Care

    All parents want their children to be is happy and healthy. They know that the common cold or flu will eventually happen, unfortunately. They are under no illusion that their child will never fall down, or possibly break a bone or get a deep cut. The issue is not whether or not a child will go through this, but rather when it’ll happen. Hopefully, your child only needs a doctor during their pediatrician’s business hours, and preferably on the days when you’re not at work.

    But, of course, children rarely do things when it’s convenient. They do things on their own schedule, and that usually means outside of business hours. For all the times your child needs a doctor but can’t see their regular pediatrician, you have the option of going to pediatric urgent care. You may be wondering whether pediatric urgent care is different than regular urgent care. Would a pediatric urgent care center be better equipped to help your child’s specific needs? Can’t you just go to the urgent care in your neighborhood? We’re here to answer these questions and give you the information you need before your child is sick and needs immediate attention.

    What Is Urgent Care?

    Urgent care is a type of emergency medical services. When a child is very sick, they sometimes need to be treated at a hospital in an emergency room. When they are generally healthy or have minor illnesses that don’t need to be treated immediately, your child should be seen by their regular pediatrician. For the times in between, when your child is sick but does not need emergency services, urgent care is the best option.

    In recent years, the demand for urgent care facilities has increased dramatically. Urgent care serves more patients and is much more cost effective than emergency room treatment. Urgent care offers patients the perfect combination of medical expertise, emergency training, and quality health care. Urgent care facilities also offer the care your child would require if they fell ill or got injured outside of their pediatrician’s regular business hours.

    Statcare Urgent Care is staffed by medical providers who are well trained in emergency medicine and have experience working in emergency rooms. Pediatric emergencies are part of the core curriculum for Emergency Medicine, a free-standing and well-established specialty. You can be sure that an urgent care facility like Statcare can provide all the necessary expertise that any pediatric urgent care would offer.

    Common conditions that are treated at urgent care include fevers, non-life-threatening burns or cuts, sore throats, bronchitis, broken bones, moderate to severe pains, sports injuries and the common cold or flu. The more critical the injury or illness, the more unlikely it is that urgent care will be the best place for treatment, but you can always come into urgent care and then be recommended or transferred to another doctor who can help treat you.

    At Statcare Urgent Care, we have x-ray machines and other medical equipment other places may not offer. We are also open extended hours seven days a week, including holidays, so many patients prefer our offices for convenience and expertise.

    What Is Pediatric Urgent Care?

    Pediatric urgent care facilities are those that cater specifically to children’s’ health needs. It’s important to note that these care centers aren’t always staffed by Emergency Medicine trained professionals. Rather, you’ll typically find that they are staffed by pediatricians working after-hours for extra income. The pediatric urgent care facilities are also typically open after hours only whereas urgent care is open from morning to night, all day long. Also, the copay often required at a pediatric urgent care is usually the specialist copay and deductibles may apply which may be outside of your family’s price range especially if the pediatricians at the pediatric urgent care bill as out-of-network pediatricians. It is important to consider the cost of the visit if the illness isn’t life-threatening.

    Another thing to consider is that Pediatric Emergency Medicine is not a specialty in itself. It is offered only as a fellowship training to pediatricians. If you’re looking to get your child treated by a specialist, take them directly to the ER instead of trying a pediatric urgent care center.

    Although pediatric urgent care is more cost-effective than the emergency room, it is not always the best choice for your child. For emergency situations, if your child is in danger of death or serious injury, always take them directly to the emergency room. If your child can wait until their regular pediatrician is available, it may be wise to skip a pediatric urgent care appointment and see the doctor who has all their medical history. If you prefer not to wait, Statcare’s urgent care is open seven days a week to help you. Statcare’s emergency medicine experts see children two and older, as well as adults for all their urgent care needs.

    Common ailments that require pediatric urgent care include:

    • Minor accidents or falls
    • Allergic reactions
    • Asthma attacks
    • Vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration
    • Cold or flu symptoms
    • Earaches
    • Broken bones
    • Burns
    • Cuts
    • Sore throats
    • General pain

    Of course, there are many other instances where your child may need to come into urgent care, but these are the most common reasons. If you find that the home remedies you usually rely on are not working, visit your closest Statcare Urgent Care and our staff will do everything possible to get them treated as efficiently as possible.

    A pediatric urgent care typically sees only sick children as the pediatrician sees the kids for all well visits. Some parents avoid pediatric urgent care centers altogether because they don’t want their child to be exposed to more infections, preferring regular urgent care centers instead. You can see that there are many considerations that one has to evaluate in making the best decision for your child. At the end of the day, your child who is sick needs to be seen right away, whether it is an urgent care or a pediatric urgent care or an emergency room of a local hospital. The emergency room professionals at Statcare are here to help you and your child all 7 days a week. Statcare is open 8am to 8pm every day and the Brooklyn location is open until 10pm.

    How Much Will an Urgent Care Visit Cost Me?

    Anytime you or your family member goes to pediatric urgent care or urgent care, there are certain costs involved. It’s important to consider the right choice for your child’s health and sometimes for your budget, too. Statcare accepts most health insurances, so choosing one of our urgent care locations means it’s likely that you will only be responsible for paying your insurance copay and any applicable prescribed medicines.

    Statcare Urgent Care offers patients emergency room professionals that cater to both adult and pediatric health needs. We’re also open during hours that are helpful to you. We know that you are busy and need to juggle work schedules, school schedules, and after-school activities so we make it easy to get quality care without disrupting your routine.

    We have Statcare locations in Hicksville, Astoria, The Bronx and Brooklyn for our patients’ convenience. Statcare Urgent Care is open from 8am to 8 pm Monday through Friday (our Brooklyn location stays open until 10 pm). On Saturday and Sunday, our locations are open from 9am to 5pm (with our two locations in The Bronx closing at 3pm). And on all holidays, our locations stay open from 9am until 3pm. If your medical concerns happen during those times please come to our urgent care and we will make sure that one of our providers gives you the best care possible.

    How Do Pediatric Urgent Care And Urgent Care Doctors Compare?


    The staff at Statcare Urgent Care include physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants – all of whom have significant emergency care experience. The staff is specifically trained to be consumer-centric and kid-friendly, creating an environment that eases children’s fear and makes them feel more comfortable during their trip to urgent care. The entire staff understands that the child isn’t feeling well and they may be scared of all the big medical instruments, so they will work extra hard to bring a smile to the child’s face and make the whole family feel at ease. At Statcare, you will find friendly staff who specialize in your child’s experience.

    Finding An Urgent Care Near Me

    In New York, you have many options to choose from when you pick an urgent care center or a pediatric urgent care. Statcare offers award-winning service, longer hours and is open seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can find locations for Statcare in Astoria, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Hicksville. We made sure our locations are close to the train so if you are commuting in from another borough, you will have an easy time finding us and getting the help you need as soon as possible. Find out more about our locations and hours on our Home Page.

    As you might have guessed, the differences between urgent care and pediatric urgent care are very subtle. We know that when it comes to the health of your child, every minor detail counts. It’s why we trained our staff to be experts in medicine and patient care of all ages. We created an urgent care that is familiar and comfortable to put you at ease during your most worrisome nights.

    The next time something happens to your child and you have no way of getting ahold of your regular pediatrician, try our adult and pediatric urgent care. You can skip the wait times of the hospital emergency room and work with a friendly, well-trained staff ready to help. Click here to find out more about what we offer at our urgent care.


    When To Go To Urgent Care Vs. the Emergency Room 1000 664 Sandeep Jain

    When To Go To Urgent Care Vs. the Emergency Room

    The differences between urgent care and the emergency room may seem small but they are significant. Medical services offered, visit costs and dealings with insurance all change based on whether you’re visiting an urgent care center or an ER. Learning the details of each facility will make your decision easier during sickness or injury. Take a moment or two to discover how these organizations differ from one another.

    Deciding Between Urgent Care and the Hospital

    Visit Urgent Care For Less “Threatening” Conditions: For those times when you can’t see your regular doctor, urgent care is a good solution. Statcare Urgent Care stays open during nights, weekends and holidays to offer medical services outside of your regular doctor’s hours. Urgent care can assist with all routine medical care, such as diagnosing an illness and prescribing medication, performing blood tests as well as treating injuries like fractured fingers or broken arms. In addition, Statcare’s emergency care doctors are well versed in stitching up minor cuts, thoroughly treat earaches and headaches, and unlike the typical health practitioner, they also see kids and perform women’s health exams.

    In general, urgent care services do not include operating rooms or other highly advanced medical equipment found in emergency hospitals. Therefore, they should not be used if you have a severe medical concern that requires surgery. Still, urgent care facilities often contain essential medical tools, such as X-rays and standard lab tests that can help diagnose or treat your immediate medical concerns quickly. Put simply, urgent care is a very efficient way of getting immediate medical attention and offers far more resources than your primary care physician. Urgent care has the ability to give IV fluids, IV Antibiotics, perform X-Rays, blood tests, give refills and give vaccines for animal bites and injuries.

    Emergency Rooms Are Ideal For Critical Illnesses and Injuries: Open 24/7, emergency rooms take care of the more critical conditions, such as heart attacks, strokes, a broken back or a head injury. Made to serve those in more serious conditions, it’s essential to make sure your problem is severe, not just for the sake of other patients in need, but also for the sake of your wallet. Typical tools found in emergency rooms include: CAT scans and MRIs, radiology labs and ultrasounds, in addition to operating rooms and highly certified doctors in different sectors. For example, an obstetrician delivers babies, and a cardiologist studies the heart. Unlike urgent care, if a patient needs to stay overnight, beds and rooms are made available.

    Cost Differences Between Urgent Care and an Emergency Room

    According to, “fixing a broken leg can cost up to $7,500; and the average cost of a 3-day hospital stay is around $30,000.” Certain insurance plans may cover a large amount of the damage, however, the out-of-pocket expenses can still put a dent in your wallet. Typically, the out-of-pocket maximum for policyholders averages around $7,000–though that’s better than paying $37,500, an extra $7,000 expense can be a major challenge financially. These costs become even more jeopardizing for those without medical insurance. Many plans nowadays will charge the consumer an additional $500 deductible which is waived only if the ER visit resulted in the consumer getting admitted to the hospital. It is always a good idea to call your plan and know what your financial risk is for going to a hospital emergency room.  Ultimately, it’s in your best interest financially to go to urgent care before checking into an emergency hospital if your health allows you to.

    To help our patients, Statcare urgent care accepts most insurances including: MetroPlus, Medicare, Fidelis Obamacare, Affinity, HIP, GHI, HealthFirst, Emblem Health, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Oxford, United Healthcare, Vytra, Cigna, 1199 National Benefit Fund, MagnaCare, Medicaid Managed Care Plans, straight Medicaid and others. For those without insurance, Statcare urgent care has transparent and reasonable costs-fees. Statcare accepts cash, along with all major debit and credit cards from patients who want to pay for their medical care.

    The average urgent care visit costs around $150 whereas an ER visit costs $750. If cost is a major concern for you or your family, urgent care is a better choice for you as insurance co-pays tend to be quite less for urgent care than the emergency room. This number goes down even more if you use Statcare Telemedicine services. Through our online doctor, you can get immediate attention, diagnosis and a prescription all from the convenience of your house.


    Dr. Evans (Emergency Medicine MD), says, “trust your gut,” adding, “if your personal instinct or your motherly intuition tells you it’s serious, don’t hesitate— go to the nearest emergency room.” Serious symptoms that you should go to the ER for include: slurred speech and trouble breathing, weakness/numbness on one side, chest pain, seizures, serious burns, and other conditions listed on

    For lesser issues (or ones that you intuitively feel aren’t emergencies) visit urgent care. Symptoms you can get checked out at urgent care include: fever and flu symptoms, headaches, mild asthma, minor cuts, burns and sprains, coughs, sore throats or colds, urinary tract infections, back and joint pain, and animal bites. Doctors at urgent care have the knowledge and tools to handle a wide variety of medical problems in children and adults..

    Urgent Care Does Not Include Beds for an Overnight Stay

    Unlike urgent care, emergency rooms have space and proper equipment to keep patients overnight in a medical emergency. Although some urgent care facilities do offer 24-hour service and most are open every calendar day, they do not provide a room for patients to stay for extended periods of time. ER’s handle surgical procedures, trauma, CAT Scans, and any other life-threatening situation, thus they also offer hospital rooms for their patients. Certain hospitals (such as Tri-City Medical Center) offer emergency rooms for psychological care as well. Try to decide whether you think your medical concern will require an overnight stay and you will be able to determine whether you should seek treatment at an ER or urgent care facility.

    What Should I Choose–Urgent Care or the ER?

    As Dr. Evans mentioned, when it comes down to it, you may intuitively know whether your illness or injury is too severe and life-threatening for urgent care to handle. Listen to your body, try to note whether the pain is persistent or if it’s improving over time. Don’t rely too heavily on online forums to help diagnose yourself. Try to get to a doctor as soon as possible. If you aren’t sure, call the urgent care and ask if that is something that is a medical condition they would be able to treat at their facility.  Remember, you can always be transferred to an emergency room from urgent care, and it will save you money to see an urgent care doctor first should you not end up needing emergency services.

    According to, “70 percent of patients at urgent care centers use health insurance and their only cost is a co-pay.” Typically, urgent care visits range from $50 to $150, depending on the level of treatment and the patient’s copay. Comparatively, states that in 2013, the “National Institute of Health study put the median cost [of hospital treatment] at $1,233,” adding that “other estimates pushed it to as high as $2,168.” In the end, it’s better for you to try seeing an urgent care doctor if you can. Of course, money shouldn’t cause you to avoid the ER if you’re seriously hurt or injured. However, it’s a good incentive to help you figure out whether you’re in sincere need of advanced help or if you can get assistance at urgent care. Lastly, it’s important to note that in the ER, wait times change depending on the severity of a condition of patients continuously being brought in to the ER by ambulances, while urgent care serves on a first come first serve basis. Also, most ER wait times advertised by hospitals on highway billboards are registration times. They would not reflect the actual time it will take for you to be seen by the emergency medical doctor from the time you entered the Emergency Room.  With all this in mind, you should now feel more confident in knowing what service to choose: the emergency hospital or urgent care.


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