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$99 Immigration Medical Exam / Green Card Physical

Statcare's 3 USCIS Civil Surgeons in five NYC area locations do $99 Immigration Medical Exams all 7 days a week (nights and weekends too).  Statcare has immigration medical offices in Brooklyn (above the Franklin Avenue subway station) which is open till 10PM, Astoria (Queens, NYC) near the Ditmars Blvd. subway station which is open till 8 PM, Hicksville (Long Island) near the LIRR Station which is open till 8 PM and two locations in the Bronx: Co-op City in the Bronx (Bartow Avenue), and the Bronx at East 174th Street; both open until 8 PM.


$99 is the lowest price in the tri-state area. Save yourself a bundle today! Looking for a flat fee all inclusive service? Please be careful when any office advertises that. Check online for the real prices of PPD ($53+), Tdap ($66+) and MMR ($99+) at CVS or Walgreens or call these chains and you will realize no individual practice can actually get real vaccines cheaper than these nationwide chains. Besides, how can people from all over the world fit into a "one size fits all" standard vaccination requirement? Every country vaccinates differently.  So, when it comes to flat fee, all inclusive offers, you really don't know what is going on. Make sure you know what you are getting injected into your body.

Why come to Statcare for your Immigration Medical Exam?

1. Statcare charges only $99 for Civil Surgeon Services

2. Statcare has three USCIS Civil Surgeons working at 5 locations with access via public transport all week.

3. Statcare is open for Immigration Physicals even on Sat., Sun. & Holidays for your Green Card Medical Exams

4.  On-site Blood draw and Urine collection. Save a trip to the Lab!

5. On-site X-Rays if you need it for positive PPD. Save a trip to Radiology!

6. Statcare will send you to the free clinic to get all your shots that you might be missing. This will save you money. All immigration medical vaccines are also available On-site if you want us to give them to you.

7. Statcare is open for Immigration Physicals late all weekdays; till 10PM in Brooklyn.

8. Statcare Immigration Doctors offices are located close to Subway, LIRR and Bus stops

9. Statcare is a walk in immigration physical and Green Card medical exam facility. An appointment is recommended for fast service.

10. Statcare will never bill your insurance as others might. Please call your health insurance plan and specifically ask them if Immigration Medical Visits are part of your benefit. Do not let doctors or labs bill your insurer for any costs related to your green card physical. Also call USCIS as healthcare fraud is a federal offense for which your citizenship can be terminated at any time in the future.

Statcare is your one-stop shop for all your green card physical exam needs!

You can come to see our immigration doctors after work too! Most locations are open at night until 8 PM on weekdays. Our Brooklyn office is open until 10 PM on weekdays.

You can come in and get your Green Card medical examination done on Saturdays and Sundays until 5 PM.

Statcare immigration medical exams are $99 (for PPD Test & Civil Surgeon Visit) +$10 (for mandatory RPR Test) + $75 (for mandatory *Gonorrhea Test) – less than half the cost in NYC.

*As of August 01, 2016, the USCIS has mandated that a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) or culture be performed for gonorrhea screening.

Come in and save yourself a bundle! Our offices are within walking distance from the subway and LIRR.

You do not need an appointment. Just walk in and get Green Card physicals!

Three USCIS-certified civil surgeons do the Green Card medical exams 7 days a week between all locations.

No one does I-693s faster or cheaper in the entire tri-state area.

Statcare opens weekdays at 8 AM in most locations. Call us and book your visit now! Call (855) 9 FOR DOC.

Lyudmila Shtein, MD, Sandeep Jain, MD and Priti Jain, MD are all certified by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to provide immigration medical check-ups for US permanent resident (Green Card) applicants.

Statcare provides all I-693 Forms; just bring your passport and vaccination records with you.

The $99 discounted immigration medical exam fee includes:

  • 2 PPD test visits for TB Testing, regardless of whether you get it done or not.
  • Your one visit with the USCIS civil surgeon which is by appointment at any location.
  • Blood draw for any number tests at first visit is included. The **RPR test for Syphilis costs $10 which needs to be paid separately. Any subsequent blood draw at a later visit is a $15 charge.
  • Urine collection for Gonorrhea testing in included. The ***Gonorrhea test costs $75 which needs to be paid separately.
  • Filling out form I-693

**RPR (syphilis screening) is not included and the lab charges $10 for the test.

***The nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) for Gonorrhea testing is not included and the lab charges $75 for the test.

Any X-Rays (if needed) has to be paid for separately as well.

Any Vaccines (if needed) have to be paid for separately as well.

If your PPD is positive and you need a Chest X-ray, Statcare does it on site.
Statcare keeps all immigration medical vaccines in case you need any shots.
Statcare does all blood tests on site.
Others will send you to different places for each service. Avoid this run-around!

Statcare: the "one-stop shop" for all your immigration medical needs!

Any more specific blood tests or vaccines or Chest X-rays that you may need for your green card physical are not included in the $99 fee. Please remember that you are required to pay for blood tests, vaccines, and Chest X-rays out of pocket regardless of where you get them done. You may not bill your health insurance plan for any immigration-related paperwork; it is health insurance fraud – a federal offense.

This can put you at risk of a technical denial of your US citizenship. Don’t get fooled by doctors who will ‘run it through your insurance.’ Call your insurance carrier and ask them if Immigration Medical Visits are part of your health care benefit. You may call USCIS before jeopardizing your US citizenship as healthcare fraud is a federal offense.

In a rush? Statcare can expedite your Green Card medical exam paperwork for a small additional fee.

Statcare is the #1 choice of immigration attorneys!

Why wait? Walk in and get your immigration medical check-up done today!

Immigration Medical Exam, USCIS Civil Surgeon FAQs

Trying to find information on the Green Card medical exam? You have come to the right place! Read these FAQs and consumer tips to get the USCIS Form I-693 filled out correctly.

Can I come to Statcare for my immigration physical?

Yes. Statcare is certified by USCIS to perform immigration medical exams. See proof of our USCIS certification.

What are the US immigration medical exam requirements for Form I-693? What is your discounted fee?

For a USCIS-certified civil surgeon to complete the physical exam check-up form (Form I-693) and clear you for the purpose of obtaining a Green Card for US permanent residency, you will need the following:

  1. An immigration physical examination by a USCIS civil surgeon, also called a Green Card medical examination*
  2. A PPD test or a tuberculosis skin test (PPD or Tb test)*. This requires two visits and both are included in the discounted fee.
  3. RPR blood test for syphilis (the lab fee is approximately $10 and is not included in the $129 fee)
  4. Completion of all Green Card physical forms by the USCIS Certified Civil Surgeon*
  5. All your vaccination records from your home country. The USCIS mandates you meet all vaccination standards so that your protection from illnesses is at the same level as that of US-born individuals. If you need any vaccinations done, we keep all vaccines in stock and the vaccines are not included in the discounted fee.

* Items 1, 2 and 4 are included in our discounted Green Card check-up global fee of $129. There are no further discounts.

Can I choose a Statcare physician or do I need to go to the doctor recommended by my immigration attorney?

What questions should I ask when choosing a doctor for my Green Card medical exam?

Where you choose to start your US immigration process can make a big difference! Getting it done right is key to your future in the US.

You may not bill your health insurance for immigration-related expenses. Neither can the civil surgeon. Feel free to call your health insurance plan. You do not want to start your immigration paperwork entangled in healthcare fraud – a federal crime!

When shopping for a Green Card medical examination price, always ask questions so that you know what your actual costs might be.

USCIS does not regulate what can be charged by a facility for a Green Card medical exam, but you can shop around and get the immigration physical done at the best price possible.

However, often there may be hidden costs that may not be as obvious to you. These include charges for:

  1. The I-693 Form (per page charge) printing charge (included at Statcare)
  2. Copies of the I-693 form (included at Statcare)
  3. PPD charges including supply charges and PPD administration charges (included at Statcare)
  4. Vaccine administration and supply charges (needle, syringe etc.)
  5. Chest X-ray charges for getting a chest X-ray done, charges for printing a copy
  6. Charges for reading the chest X-ray. Often, your X-ray may not even have a report made by a radiologist. At Statcare, you will always get an official report from a radiologist.
  7. Charges for prescriptions for TB medicines, were you to need one
  8. Charges for giving you a note summarizing that you got the vaccines
  9. Physician visit charges if your PPD test shows a positive result
  10. Lab charges for syphilis (VDRL) confirmatory tests that are run automatically. At Statcare, we don't run any automatic tests.
  11. Blood draw charges for doing the blood test required for the Green Card check-up
  12. Charges for any photocopies you may need while you're there
  13. Charges for a third physician visit, if you were to need one
  14. Charges for expediting the USCIS I-693

Statcare USCIS-certified civil surgeon will complete your immigration medical examination form. We have two USCIS civil surgeons on staff and can finish your paperwork any day of the week including Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

Our price for an immigration physical examination is only $129 and includes all of the above except items 4, 5, 10, and 14.

Vaccines are not included at any civil surgeon office. Anyone that is selling you an all-inclusive package is not being honest with you because people from different countries and different age groups have varying requirements. There just cannot be a “one size fits all.”

Don't be surprised when your paperwork gets rejected. We see these cases all the time! Vaccines in the US are expensive and no medical office can put it out of their pocket for you. Cutting corners on US Green Card immigration paperwork is not a risk that you should be taking.

We get cases where the previous civil surgeon has kept no records. At Statcare, we maintain all scanned records as per federal guidelines. We stand behind our product. That is credibility, honesty, integrity, and dependability you can count on!

Your prices are very low compared to Manhattan (NYC). How can your immigration doctor do this immigration paperwork for this price?

We pride ourselves on being a completely transparent business. When you trust us with your US immigration paperwork, we take this responsibility seriously. Doing an immigration medical exam is only one of the things our office does. It is not all that we do. That is the biggest difference between us and others, as you might have noticed already.

We provide immigration medical exams as a service to immigrants because like you, we were immigrants too! We understand your challenges because we went through similar challenges ourselves. Doing immigration physicals is not our core business. Do check out all the services we provide!

Can I mail in my paperwork? Do you have other locations in New York City (Manhattan)?

Remember, you do need to physically be here in our office for us to perform the USCIS immigration medical exam and complete your paperwork. We have five locations in Hicksville, Long Island; Astoria, Queens; Brooklyn, NYC; the Bronx at Bartow Avenue (Co-op City); and the Bronx at E. 174th Street. People come to us from all over New York (NY State), including New York City (NYC) and Manhattan, as well as from New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT).

I got a vaccination certificate from my home country. Can my cost be lower?

A word of caution for those who rely on vaccination documents obtained from their home country: Any lies or falsification on your application will automatically disqualify you from US citizenship, regardless of how many years have passed since your citizenship status. The USCIS vaccination requirements are for your protection. Do not try to bypass them in any way. You will be discovered or the person who knows your weakness will exploit you.

When we give you the vaccines, we will record the lot number and show you the expiration dates on the vaccines. We have heard a lot of crazy stories from same-day PPDs to same-day form filling (before the IGRA/24-hour TB test) services. When we give you a PPD test, it is actually a PPD, not something else. When we give you a vaccine, it is a vaccine.

We only do what is right. For this reason, we do not take over immigration medical exams where someone else has left off. We cannot certify the work if it is not done by us.

If you are shopping for a bargain price or a fixed price for "everything," please do not call our staff. They cannot help you with this because that situation assumes everyone gets the same medical care at all ages in all countries, which is clearly not a possible scenario. You have to see the civil surgeon, as the staff members answering your phone calls are not medical doctors and cannot give you medical advice.

We are certified by the USCIS for immigration and naturalization medical exams. We do more immigration medical exams than anyone in the tri-state area!

We are open 7 days a week, including holidays. We are open until 8 PM on weekdays. No appointments are required. Just walk in!

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. No personal checks.

How many times do I need to come for getting a Green Card medical exam?

An immigration medical exam involves a few steps. The Green Card medical exam to any USCIS certified civil surgeon involves two visits because the PPD has to be read in 48-72 hours. That time cannot be compressed unless you want to pay for an IGRA (24-hour TB test). There are two types of IGRA tests available: the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and an enzyme-linked immunospot.

Can you give me instructions so I can come prepared? Also guide me so I know what to expect...

Please read this carefully so you can get organized before your visit.

What you need to do for the first visit:

  1. Bring your passport, driver’s license, or a government-issued photo ID.
  2. Search and bring all your vaccine records and blood test results for vaccination-related antibodies when you come in. It may save you money.
  3. From October through March, if you got a flu vaccine, please bring the proof with you. Otherwise, we can give you the flu vaccine at our office at the same price that you get it anywhere else.

This is all the homework you need to do for the first immigration medical visit.

What we do at the first visit:
We will provide the latest copy of the USCIS I-693 form for the US immigration medical examination. And we don't charge you for it. This avoids mistaken use of older versions of the I-693 Form. We understand most of you are still struggling to get a Green Card.

If you want to see what the I-693 form looks like, click here. You can bring the Form I-693 (Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status) if you want to. But please do not fill out the form yourself. US immigration officials are very particular and any mistakes or 'white-outs' will impact the integrity of your application for a Green Card.

On your first visit you will receive a medical check-up and the tuberculosis skin test (PPD/tuberculin test). Also, blood will be drawn and sent to a lab for the syphilis test. A urine sample will be collected for the Gonorrhea test.

If you have received all the vaccines but do not have proof of the vaccination, you can opt for the blood test to check if you have protective antibodies from a prior vaccination in your blood. This blood test is not included in the global fee.

If you need certain vaccines, we will give them to you on the first day of your visit. You will have to pay for these vaccines separately:

Our prices for vaccines for a Green Card medical exam are extremely competitive but they change depending on the manufacturers who vary their price every couple of months. You will be informed about the most current price at all times. There are no surprises when you come to our office.

What you need to do for the second visit:
Just show up in 48-72 hours so your PPD can be read. Since we are open 7 days a week, there is no 48-hour scheduling issue where you can't get a PPD on a Thursday or a Friday just because the immigration doctor's office is closed on the weekend.

What we do at the second visit:
When you come back on your second visit, we will have the results of the VDRL blood test for syphilis. We will read the PPD skin test that was done at the first visit. If that test is negative, your immigration form will be completed. If the PPD test is positive, then you will need a chest X-ray.

We do digital chest X-rays in our office using the latest technology and have it read by a radiologist. If the chest X-ray is abnormal, you will need further things done before you can be medically cleared for immigration (Green Card).

All chest X-ray reports will be issued in 2 business days. We can even mail them to you if you so desire. Once you have provided us with all your documentation, we will have the paperwork ready for you in 7 days. You can pay an expedite fee and pick it up in 3 days as well, provided you have otherwise met all of the requirements.

Who will complete my Green Card medical examination papers?

Statcare has two USCIS-certified civil surgeons on staff. The Green Card medical exam is done all 7 days a week including weekends, and the whole family can come and get it done at the same time or separately. We are also open in the evening, all 7 days a week.

All blood tests are drawn at our facility. If you need a chest X-ray, it will also get done at our facility. We are a one-stop shop for all your immigration medical needs!

How do I get to your place from Manhattan?

What are the new changes for immigration doctor's visits since 2009?

The HIV test is not required anymore. The IGRA blood test for TB can be done instead of the skin test. It is expensive and if you would like it, we can get it done at the most reasonable cost compared to anywhere else in NYC, NY, NJ, or CT. The USCIS released a new 9-page I-693 form in 2016. As of August 01, 2016, the USCIS requires a special Gonorrhea Test on all adults above age 15.


INS: Immigration and Naturalization Service

BCIS: Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services; a transient name for the INS

USCIS: US Citizenship and Immigration Services. INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) was the old name for this federal agency. They changed the name from INS to BCIS for a short time and then to USCIS in 2003.

Form I-693: Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record (Green Card medical check-up) is what you need filled by a USCIS Certified Civil Surgeon

Green Card: Permanent Resident Card

IGRA: Interferon-Gamma Release Assays, or sophisticated blood tests that can screen for TB within 24 hours

PPD: Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) is used to screen for tuberculosis (TB)

NY: New York, including New York City (NYC)

NYC: New York City or Manhattan

NJ: New Jersey

CT: Connecticut

VDRL: A blood test for syphilis screening

Hep B: Hepatitis B

MMR: Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine

TD: Tetanus, Diphtheria vaccine

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