Arthritis in the US: Time To Take Action

by Statcare Urgent Medical Care

  • Arthritis affects about 1 in 4 adults (54 million) in the United States. 
  • It is the leading cause of disability in the US. 24 million adults report limitations due to arthritis. 
  • The most common form of arthritis in the US is osteoarthritis. 
  • Arthritis makes it harder to manage heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
  • Being physically activate can reduce arthritis pain. 


  1. Early diagnosis and appropriate management of arthritis can help people with the condition live well without pain.
  2. Exercise (swimming, biking, walking) regularly to stay healthy.
  3. Physical activity has been proven to reduce arthritis pain and restore function.
  4. Maintaining a healthy weight has been shown to decrease the risk of developing osteoarthritis and gout and may decrease disease progression and arthritis-related activity limitations.

    Source: CDC